The world's first credit card sized vaporizer

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Introducing Modularity

Providing An Experience Like None Other


Our all Black zirconia ceramic atomizer features an open refillable system for oils, concentrates, and tinctures. This pod works best with viscous or semi-viscous oil concentrates.


The e-liquid pod was designed to be refilled with your preferred flavored liquid and nicotine level of choice.
Capacity: 0.7ml

Dry Herb

Similar to the Wax atomizer, our Dry Herb pod also features an all black zirconia ceramic. This atomizer was designed to perfectly heat your herbs to vaporize the active ingredients, without combusting.
Capacity: 0.2gm - 0.3gm

Juul Pod Adaptor

The Adaptor module was created for those who enjoy using the popular Juul pods, but with Zepto!

Coming Soon

Zepto’s modular design and powerful battery open the door to pods that were once unimaginable. Stay tuned!


Unparalleled Convenience
and Portability

Zepto takes portability to a whole new level! The goal was to create a vaporizer that integrated seamlessly into people’s everyday lives; so small that it could fit in your wallet. A vaporizer so convenient, that the thought of even having to grab it before leaving the house would be unnecessary.

Eight Temperature Presets

Don’t only set your temperature, visualize it! Zepto's beautiful, multi-color capable, led gradient provides a broad color gamut to produce the most vibrant colors and the best user experience. Zepto's 8 temperature presets provide a wide range of settings to accommodate any material preference.

A New Way to Connect

Wireless charging is the key to never forgetting your vape and always having it charged. Charging is as simple as setting zepto down on the platform, even while it’s in your wallet; allowing you to have Zepto always ready to go, effortlessly!

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Zeptovape Silver
Zeptovape SilverZeptovape Silver

Flat to Full

Click Me ↓
Zeptovape Silver
Zeptovape SilverZeptovape Silver

Flat to Full

A Better Way To Power On

Zepto’s unique “Smart Button” design eliminates accidental activation through the combination of a touch sensor and clickable button. Navigate through a variety of user-friendly settings by tapping or clicking the smart button. The design of Zepto's “Smart Button” was intricately crafted to combine the satisfaction of a physically clickable button with the functionality and versatility of a touch sensor.

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