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Vaping any substance from e-juice to THC to CBD has exploded in popularity in the past decade. Videos of “vape tricks” from the “ghost inhale” to the “tornado” have been circulating the internet for years. As a result, vaping has formed its own culture. At the beginning of the vaping trend, vaporizers were steadily increasing in size to improve vape output and battery longevity for users who vaped consistently throughout the day. It was common to see individuals carrying brick size vapes that wouldn’t even fit in their pockets and blowing massive clouds out in public.

Wallet Sized Vaping

As vaping products have become more popular, a new world where individuals who wish to partake in cannabis or nicotine consumption can do so without alerting those around them has opened up. Individuals who hate the smell of cannabis or cigarette smoke can rejoice in the fact that more people are opting to vape their substance of choice in public resulting in less pungent smells.

Vaping as an Alternative to Smoking Cigarettes

No one can argue against the harmful long term effects smoking cigarettes has on your lungs and overall health. In 1964 The United States surgeon general came out with a report that linked smoking cigarettes with lung cancer. Since then, the United States government has taken considerable initiatives in curbing the health crisis by mandating warning labels on cigarette packs, launching anti-smoking commercials, and banning cigarette companies from advertising their products. While the percentage of Americans who smoke cigarettes has dropped to 14%, this still translates to about 34 million Americans who currently smoke and more than 16 million Americans who live with a smoking-caused illness.

Temperature Setting Functionality

Most smokers enjoy variety when it comes to how they choose to consume their product of choice. Long term smokers also complain about the breathing issues and lung tightness associated with exclusively smoking. Vaping allows smokers to enjoy the effects of their product without pulling smoke filled with carcinogens into their lungs.

Refilling Your Zepto Vaporizer

Arguably, Juul Pods are one of the most popular vaporizers available in the electronic cigarette market. They are small, convenient, and their pods are disposable. Similar to the Juul, Zepto Vape offers disposable atomizers for e-liquids, so there is no messy refill process. However, the Zepto Vape battery life is 3X that of a Juul and can easily fit in a user's wallet.

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