Refilling Your Zepto Vaporizer

Arguably, Juul Pods are one of the most popular vaporizers available in the electronic cigarette market. They are small, convenient, and their pods are disposable. Similar to the Juul, Zepto Vape offers disposable atomizers for e-liquids, so there is no messy refill process. However, the Zepto Vape battery life is 3X that of a Juul and can easily fit in a user's wallet. 

While Juul vaporizers are convenient in terms of size, they often get misplaced due to their inconspicuous design. Wallet-sized products ensure a user never misplaces or loses their vaporizer and it’s always on hand when needed. Zepto Vape aims to make a user's vape process as convenient and straightforward as the Juul with a longer battery life and a more functional design.

Multiple Materials

Zepto Vape is the perfect vaporizer for individuals who wish to switch between different vaping materials at any time. Unlike the Juul, Zepto Vape allows users to switch between vaping e-liquid in a disposable atomizer or vaporizing cannabis concentrates or extracts. 

With concentrates or extracts, users can clean and refill these pods, so they generate less waste. Zepto Vape is currently working on an interchangeable adaptor that will allow users to vaporize dry herb. With the option to choose between 8 temperature settings, individuals can ensure they get the optimal vaping temperature no matter the material they are vaporizing. 

How to Refill

If you are vaporizing cannabis extracts or concentrates, it is easy to remove, clean, and refill this specific atomizer. The extract atomizer is entirely ceramic, so it is easy to clean. Add a drop of isopropyl alcohol to the dirty atomizer and let it sit. If you do not want to hassle with the cleaning process or don't have time, remove and replace it with a new atomizer when the old one gets too dirty.

If you are vaporizing e-liquid, remove the pod, dispose of it, and swap in a new pod when you are ready. Disposable pods mean no messy refilling process, which is something e-cigarette users complain about often.

Never Lose Your Zepto Vape

Since Zepto Vape's design means that it will fit snuggled in your wallet, a user never has to worry about misplacing their vape. At the end of each day, set your wallet down on the wireless Zepto Vape charger, and your vaporizer will be fully charged and ready for use the next day. 

With tapered edges, the Zepto Vape fits smoothly and easily into a credit card pocket on any standard wallet. Touch activation also ensures your Zepto Vape will never turn on while sitting in your pocket, a common problem many vapers face.

Quality Materials

The Zepto Vape not only has a superior design compared to other compact vaporizers, but it’s made from the highest quality materials ensuring users won't inhale unhealthy byproducts. The body of the vaporizer is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, while the airway that connects to the e-liquid pod is stainless steel, free from harmful coatings and impurities. The absence of a heating coil, replaced by an all-ceramic heating element, means burnt hits are no longer an issue, and users can get a clean and delicious hit every time. 

No matter the material you choose to vaporize, Zepto Vape is here to make your vaping experience as convenient, safe, and enjoyable as possible. With refillable extract atomizers, a convenient and well thought out design as well as high-quality materials, Zepto Vape is used by vaporizers who crave quality and versatility in their vaporizing experience.

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