Temperature Setting Functionality

Most smokers enjoy variety when it comes to how they choose to consume their product of choice. Long term smokers also complain about the breathing issues and lung tightness associated with exclusively smoking. Vaping allows smokers to enjoy the effects of their product without pulling smoke filled with carcinogens into their lungs. 


Vaping also allows users to partake with more discretion and can eliminate the pungent smell that can bother others around them. Whatever your reasons are for vaping, finding a vape that works for you in terms of functionality, price, and accessibility, are crucial for anyone looking to switch up their routine. 


Zepto Vape prides itself on being the world’s first credit card-sized vape. Its unique design allows users to carry the vape in their wallet as well as discreetly partake throughout their day. While Zepto Vape is extremely small, it packs several high-quality features in its compact design. 


This versatile vape is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, which is exceptionally light, medical-grade stainless steel, and medical-grade ceramic, so your material is heated at just the right temperature. This also ensures no undesired byproducts are inhaled while using the product.


One of the biggest complaints vape users have is how easy it is to accidentally turn on their vape while it sits in their pocket. Zepto Vape eliminates this problem by incorporating a “smart button” that combines a touch sensor and a clickable button so users cannot unknowingly turn it on. Zepto Vape also offers wireless charging through a platform that also fits inside your wallet. Zepto Vape can switch between different materials such as extract, liquids, and loose-leaf with interchangeable pods. 


Zepto Vape also has five temperature presets that allow the user to customize their vaping experience. This temperature setting functionality provides a variety of benefits to the user: 


Eliminate Coils

If you have vaped regularly in the past, you are aware of the “burnt hit,” which occurs when the coil used to vape your product is not fully covered with the material you wish to vaporize. Coils have always been one of the essential design elements of any vape as it is the thing that converts energy into heat and ultimately vaporizes your material. Users who get a “burnt hit” can experience a bad taste in their mouth, a hot feeling in the back of their throats, and increased coughing after inhalation. 


Coils also become irreversibly burnt after a while, and if a user continues to use them, they could unknowingly be pulling toxic particles into their lungs. Some users even experience headaches and vomiting after continually using a burnt coil. Known as the “coil killer,” Zepto Vape uses glass heating technology to eliminate the need for a coil to heat and vaporize the material.



No coils also eliminate the danger of having an exploding device sitting in your pocket. If a coil is unable to handle the wattage level the vape is set at, it is at risk of exploding, which presents extreme safety hazards to the user. 



Having such a range of temperature options allows a user to set their vape to the temperature that provides them the most pleasure and or relief per hit. Temperature controls allow a user to get consistent hits throughout their vaping experience. In other vapes, consistency between hits is nearly impossible to achieve as the temperature the vape reaches depends on the length of the hit. 


For example, if a user hits a non-temperature controlled vape for several seconds, the coil will continue to heat until they release the button. Therefore, the temperature will continue to increase throughout the drag. Temperature control means each hit stays the same regardless of the time the user spends holding down the button. 


The elimination of the coil and the five temperature presets combined with the compact design and ability to vape a multitude of products makes Zepto Vapes one of the best vaporizers currently on the market. It is an excellent option for any smoker looking to switch up their routine or regular vapers looking for a superior product.

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