Wallet Sized Vaping

Back in the day, individuals interested in consuming cannabis had to find secluded areas to avoid detection. These situations usually induced feelings of paranoia at the thought of being caught, which were further enhanced by the substance itself. At the same time, for years, smokers have been forced to stand outside in inclement weather any time they need a cigarette. 

As vaping products have become more popular, a new world where individuals who wish to partake in cannabis or nicotine consumption can do so without alerting those around them has opened up. Individuals who hate the smell of cannabis or cigarette smoke can rejoice in the fact that more people are opting to vape their substance of choice in public resulting in less pungent smells.

Vapes vary in shapes, sizes, and functionality, but all have the same goal: to make an individual’s vaping experience better than smoking their substance of choice. Zepto Vape is the world’s first credit card-sized vape that guarantees a superior, functional vaping experience. At 5 mm, this beautifully designed product fits inside a user’s wallet so it can be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s everyday life. 

Most people do not leave the house without their cell phone, their keys, and their wallet. Because of this, Zepto Vape aims to make an individual’s life easier by designing their product to fit inside a wallet’s credit card slot so an individual can be sure they always have their vape on hand. On top of portability, Zepto Vape offers users a multi-functional experience as the vape can switch between multiple substances, including concentrates, extracts, essential oils, and e-liquids using interchangeable pods. Each atomizer pod is designed to vaporize its intended material perfectly, so you get a perfect hit no matter the substance you are vaporizing. Additional features include wireless charging, touch sensor, and a new revolutionary glass heating technology. 

If you are a connoisseur who enjoys the taste of your cannabis, vaping is a way to appreciate the terpenes present in your product better. Zepto Vape incorporates an all-ceramic heating element, so “burnt hits”  are a thing of the past. Known as the “coil killer,” each hit from a Zepto Vape will deliver the full flavor notes of the cannabis you are consuming. Draw activation means a user can more easily replicate the feel of smoking as Zepto Vape does not require a user to hit a button to start the vaporization process. 

While vaping is more discrete than smoking, Zepto Vape takes an additional step by implementing “stealth mode” in their product. When a user activates stealth mode on their Zepto Vape, the light emissions from the LED screen are reduced, and vapor output is lowered. Zepto Vape also has a superior battery life compared to other micro vaporizers, so its size does not compromise its functionality. 

Vaping is an excellent choice for beginners interested in reaping the benefits of cannabis. Novice users who are uncomfortable with smoking can introduce cannabis into their system by vaping rather than smoking the substance. Vaping eliminates the inhalation of toxins, which happens when smoking any materials. 

Vaping tends to have a slightly milder psychoactive effect than smoking and can be much less harsh on the lungs. Essentially, vaping gives users a similar effect to smoking with less harmful side effects. If you are looking to try vaping cannabis as a novice user, consider buying a superior product that will allow you to reap the full benefits. Zepto Vape takes the cake as the most discrete and portable vaporizer currently on the market.

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