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Vaping any substance from e-juice to THC to CBD has exploded in popularity in the past decade. Videos of “vape tricks” from the “ghost inhale” to the “tornado” have been circulating the internet for years. As a result, vaping has formed its own culture. At the beginning of the vaping trend, vaporizers were steadily increasing in size to improve vape output and battery longevity for users who vaped consistently throughout the day. It was common to see individuals carrying brick size vapes that wouldn’t even fit in their pockets and blowing massive clouds out in public. 

However, similar to cell phones, as the benefits of vaping became more about the effects rather than the outward appearance, users gradually started trading in large devices they could show off for more conveniently sized vapes that could easily fit in their pockets. This is evident in the popularity of the Juul; a USB sized vaporizer. The Juul accounts for about 40% of the e-cig market. While Juul is popular among e-cig users, individuals who wish to vape substances like THC and CBD have not found a brand that caters to their specific needs. That is, until Zepto Vape.

Similar to the toxins present in cigarette smoke, burning cannabis releases undesired carcinogens into the lungs that can be dangerous in the long run. Vaporizing any material from e-juice to cannabis allows the user to experience the effects of nicotine or THC without actually smoking either substance. Zepto Vape is the world’s first credit card-sized vaporizer that is compatible with concentrates, extracts, and e-liquids. Founders Alexander Gadas and Ian Lyubinsky identified three essential qualities in any vaping product; convenience, functionality, and superior engineering. With these three qualities in mind, they set out to create the perfect vaporizer for any user wishing to vaporize multiple substances.

Because the Zepto-Vape mimics the size and dimensions of a credit card, it easily fits in a user’s wallet, allowing individuals to partake in vaping discreetly and almost anywhere. Zepto Vapes has interchangeable pods so a user can easily switch between different vaporizable materials within seconds. The vaporizer has five power output settings that move from green to yellow to red and indicate the increase in temperature as well as output power. The vaporizer is powered on by a combination of a touch sensor and a clickable button so the device cannot be accidentally turned on while sitting in a user’s pocket, a problem many vaporizers present. 

In addition, the device is made from the highest quality materials, including aerospace-grade aluminum, black zirconia ceramic for the all-ceramic heating element and stainless steel airways. Users can be sure they are not inhaling undesired byproducts from the materials used to create the device, which cannot be said for all vaporizers currently on the market. Depending on how frequently a user hits their vaporizer throughout the day determines how often they need to charge their device. Zepto Vape is unique in that its small size does not compromise its battery life. On the contrary, Zepto Vape has three times the battery life of the Juul. Zepto Vape can be charged on a sleek wireless platform using QI technology.

  QI, which is the Chinese word for energy flow and pronounced “chee,” is the universal standard for wireless charging technology. It charges the device, not through a cable but the use of electromagnetic fields. Because all QI charging devices are interchangeable, a user can charge their Zepto Vape on any wireless charging platform they have for their cell phone or other wireless devices. The vape can even charge while it is still sitting in a wallet, so an individual just needs to set their wallet down on the wireless charging pad each night to ensure their device is fully charged for the next day. Zepto set out to create a product that provided users with convenience, increased functionality, and state of the art engineering. They achieved this through the Zepto Vape, which provides a superior vaping experience to all users, no matter the substance they wish to vaporize.

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