Frequently Asked Questions


Will Zepto actually fit in my wallet?

Where do my vaporizable materials go?

Is it easy to clean Zepto’s atomizer pods?

What do the lights on Zepto’s LED gradient represent?

What materials is Zepto Vape made from?

If I have more questions, where should I direct them?

What vaporizable materials does Zepto work with?

How does Zepto work with multiple materials?

How do you use Zepto?

What temperature does Zepto Vape reach?

How do I find out about news, discounts, & pre-orders?


When do pre-orders for Zepto begin?

If I place a pre-order for Zepto, will my card automatically be charged when my Zepto is ready to ship?

How does priority shipment of Zepto work?

How much will it cost to pre-order Zepto?

Will there be international shipping?